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We are dedicated to providing the world's premier laboratory equipment—while prioritizing the sustainability of our planet, the prosperity of our communities, and the advancements of future scientific discoveries.

Our Commitments

At Marshall Scientific, our respect for the environment translates into four key actions - championing energy efficiency, upholding sustainable supply chains, minimizing waste, and utilizing eco-conscious packaging. These initiatives underline our dedication to sustainability.

Energy Efficiency.

Marshall Scientific is committed to producing our own sustainable energy. We have equipped our facilities with solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to fuel our operations and implement energy-efficient practices throughout our company.

Sustainable Supply Chain.

We are dedicated to collaborating with suppliers who also prioritize sustainability, striving to create a green and sustainable supply chain for our lab equipment distribution.

Waste Reduction.

We're firm on reducing waste from our operations. This involves a comprehensive recycling program and fostering a circular economy to minimize our environmental impact.

Eco-Conscious Packaging.

At Marshall Scientific, we recognize our responsibility towards reducing packaging waste. Our commitment is evident in our shift to using recycled materials for packaging and ensuring it is designed for easy recycling, contributing to a significant reduction in waste from our distribution operations.

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Marshall Scientific's refurbishment extends the life of lab equipment, supporting sustainable science while minimizing waste.

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Regenerative Packing

For our Regenerative Packing pledge, we use primarily recycled materials, including reused shipping cardboard, accounting for 75% or more of our packaging. This sustainable approach replaces conventional packing materials and is at the heart of our 'Innovation without Exploitation' philosophy.

Net-Zero Energy

Thanks to our solar panels, Marshall Scientific operates with a net-zero energy footprint. By harnessing the sun's power, we've achieved a sustainable energy balance, exemplifying our commitment to a greener future.

Marshall's Impact Thus Far


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