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Buying from Marshall Scientific guarantees authenticity, quality, and protection.

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We understand the importance of your investment

Marshall Scientific is proud to serve as an Authorized Distributor for some of the industry’s largest and most reputable brands. Take advantage of this strong network we have established already, and we can assure you will have confidence in your next laboratory investment.

Why Purchase from an Authorized Distributor like Marshall Scientific?
Reliability When you make a purchase with Marshall Scientific, you will be receiving a brand-new product directly from the manufacturer’s facility. We can guarantee your item will be fresh from the factory, whether that item be built-to-order or was just recently manufactured.
Manufacturer Warranties Purchasing from Marshall Scientific guarantees protection on your equipment, with each product backed by a Manufacturer’s Warranty. Marshall Scientific can assist with warranty inquires, service scheduling, and more at a much faster rate than other vendors due to our direct connections with these brands.
Complete Product Orders Purchasing from an Authorized Distributor ensures your product is chosen, packed, and shipped directly by the manufacturer or our facility. This ensures you will be receiving all operator’s manuals, documentation, warranty certificates, accessories, and any other items that may be left out or set aside for a later sale when purchasing elsewhere.
Increased Product Knowledge & Support The connections we have established with these major brands has not only become a benefit to the purchasing process, it has also increased the level of support and knowledge that our industry-leading customer support team can provide to you.
Highly Competitive Pricing As we belong to this network of the industry’s largest brands, we are able to leverage these relationships to provide you with a lower price point without sacrificing quality

New-In-Box Guarantee

Purchasing from Marshall Scientific guarantees you will be receiving a new-in-box product directly from the manufacturer. Take advantage of the promotions, accessories, and other extras that may be left out of the box when purchasing from an unauthorized vendor

Complete Manufacturer Warranty

Purchasing from an unauthorized distributor can result in voided warranties, altered product information, and unqualified support for your valuable investment. Marshall Scientific’s distribution agreements certify that your equipment is fully protected by the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Industry Trained Support

Marshall Scientific is home to over 50 Years of combined industry experience and knowledge. Our constant communication with these major manufacturers is continuously enhancing our industry trained customer support team’s knowledge of not only the equipment we offer, but on the latest developments in the industry as well.